Classroom Information

The Infant & Toddler teachers are primary caregivers. They move with the children in their care groups as they transition from one room to the next. The idea of primary caregivers provides the opportunity for strong bonds between the teacher, the child and the family. The continuity of care supports the successful growth and development of each child.

Infant Classroom

Our infant room provides the loving and nurturing support your child needs to meet their developmental milestones at their own pace. The infant room schedule is based on each child’s individual needs.

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Toddler 1 Classroom

These children love to explore their environment. They are learning to play in the same space as other children in the classroom. These children experience an explosive growth in cognitive abilities that include understanding directions and beginning to verbalize their needs.

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Toddler 2 Classroom

The children in this classroom learn to become independent by mastering self help skills. They are working on developing their fine motor skills, increasing their vocabulary and mastering gross motor movement. The largest accomplishment is completion of potty training by the time they leave this classroom!

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Multi-Aged Classrooms

Both of these classrooms offer a broad range of experiences and opportunities for learning and personal growth! The children in these classrooms are 3 to 5 years old. Children in these classrooms will stay in the same room until they leave for Kindergarten. This allows the teachers to have the same opportunity to create the lasting bonds that provide consistency of care for each family. All the children will have the opportunity to be learners and leaders in their classroom. The classroom environment is set up to support the differing levels and abilities of each and every one of the children.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • Our boys have been at Top Flight for a little less than one year. They absolutely love it and we are so glad we switched from our former day care. The amount of learning and developing we've seen in both of them since starting is incredible. We really appreciate Top Flight's amazing staff and love that being there feels like family!

    Adrienne G
  • When your three year old begs to go to preschool you know it's a great place. The teachers are all amazing. My one year old also goes. The amount of information both kids have learned in just six months is crazy. You get what you pay for. I love getting an email each day telling me what my kiddos are learning. It's a stress reliever knowing my kids are safe and the staff and teachers care about them as much as I do. The teachers take the time to know each child and work with them in ways they understand. I love this place.

    Morgan I.
  • We moved to Olathe this past year and needed to find a preschool for my then four year old son. I've taught preschool myself for over fifteen years and currently work in the public school system. I am very particular when it comes to choosing a school for him. We toured Top Flight and many other schools over the course of a week and easily decided Top Flight was the best. The office staff and teachers are incredible. We have always felt so safe leaving him there and he begs to go when it's not a school day. They are very kind with the children and offer a great curriculum and structure. We wouldn't send him anywhere else and love it here.

    Chad B.
  • My son begs to go to school everyday. He talks non stop about his teachers and the directors. The best part for parents is the communication. Each day I receive an email with daily info and high resolution pictures of the class during their activities. Every teacher is happy to be there and makes my family feel welcome.

    Jennifer B.
  • After looking at tons of day cares for our girls, it was a blessing to find Top Flight. Immediately I saw the difference when we went to visit. The staff was kind and thoughtful with the kids. They treated them like people and it was apparent they cared deeply for the kids. Not only do they have the best staff, they even have an indoor playground in the basement for days where the kids couldn't go outside and a chef! We moved to Top Flight a couple months ago and couldn't be happier! I always know our girls are having fun, learning and getting all the love they deserve. We are so thankful to be at Top Flight!

    Lindsey L

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