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Hello Families!

In order to maintain a safe environment for your children, we follow some good health and safety guidelines.

One of the most important health and safety guideline is washing hands upon arrival in the classroom. This habit helps ward off any unwanted germs that are brought in from the “outside”. The staff wash their hands frequently as well as during the diapering procedures. Each classroom has the same set of guidelines for hand-washing: water first, then soap, scrub for 20 seconds, then rinse & dry.

In addition to hand-washing, we also sanitize our toys and furniture daily using a bleach water solution. As flu season approaches, spraying down your child’s toys at home would be a great way to reduce passing on illnesses.

Top Flight has a set of illness guidelines. Please see the Parent Handbook for those guidelines. there is a pdf form of it on our website!

We also stay current on the current recall notices, community events (such as car seat checks) and timely topics like “Look before you lock” and “Enterovirus in KC area”.

Keeping you kids healthy, happy and safe is our priority!

Thank you for sharing your child with us!


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