Boredom Busters!

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Summer is here! Often we change the our routines in the summer because there are so many outdoor choices–pool, park, and playing outside. Before the kids start to get bored, try out some of these fun activities. Here are a few Boredom Busters to try this summer:

1. Go on a scavenger hunt. Make a picture list of items found in nature. Give your child a basket and let them search and find the items on the list!

2. Build an obstacle course. In the back yard or in the house, building an obstacle course provides hours of fun and entertainment. Use hula hoops, boxes, balls, cushions/pillows, laundry baskets, blankets, etc.. The choices and options are endless!

3. Digging in the garden. It is not too late to start some seeds or buy some herbs and plant them. Kids love digging in the dirt. They can watch the plants grow. If you plant herbs (I especially love lavender and mint for toddlers), then you can also have a sensory experience!

4. Make Moon Sand….Use 9 cups of flour and mix in baby oil starting with 1/4 cup. Add more oil until it is the consistency you want. Great fun!! Store this in a plastic tub with a lid and you have your own “sand” table.

5. Sidewalk art is easy and cheap! Get out the chalk and trace around your child. Let them color themselves in. Draw simple shapes and write their name in bubble letters. You can paint the sidewalk with colored water and a paint brush after drawing shapes on the ground.

6. When it rains, take a walk in the rain, jump in puddles, make mud pies, sing rainy day songs, catch rain drops in your mouth, build a dam, have a leaf race, and enjoy these special moments.

Last, you know the time late in the afternoon or early evening when dinner is not quite ready yet and the kids are getting cranky?! Give your child a juice pop or a popsicle! Sometimes eating dessert first is just fine!

Enjoy the summer!


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